Add Flubit and SKU Cloud to add a little variety

Integrating with Flubit and SKU Cloud will add a little something out of the ordinary to your marketplace sales. Check out our full Flubit and SKU Cloud integration.


Managing SKU Cloud & Flubit to drive your sales

  • List on SKU Cloud and Flubit
  • Tie your prices to Amazon or eBay
  • Simple rules to discount prices against your favoured marketplace
  • Pick, Pack and Dispatch with ease
  • Integrated with numerous couriers
  • New sales from an exciting marketplace

SKU Cloud drives your sales to multiple channels including Flubit. We explain the opportunities that SKU Cloud offer below.

Flubit gives retailers the scope to increase their sales with little effort. Flubit promotes itself as being cheaper than Amazon and encourages its sellers to provide prices that are less than what they list at on either eBay or Amazon. To make sales on Flubit as easy as possible, Seller Dynamics provides an automated feed to Flubit to keep stock levels and prices up to date. You are always in control and are able to set the discount level you are happy with. Retailer fees on Flubit are less than on Amazon, giving retailers room to offer a better deal.

SKU Cloud & Flubit
listing pricing management sales fulfillment
made easy.

You can find out more about Flubit and all the features in Seller Dynamics by calling on 01786 430076.

SKU Cloud extends your sales reach

SKU Cloud drives your products to multiple digital channels including Flubit. Enjoy increased reach with SKU Cloud as it presents your items across numerous channels including the UK's Mirror newspaper. You'll also gain access to popular daily deal and employee benefit sites.

With more channels planned for release, including a leading cash back site, SKU Cloud gives you a unique and simple way to increase your sales. Introduce your products to more channels and win new business.

SKU Cloud integration


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