Stop throwing away money, it's time to use eBay repricer software

Make money by maximising your prices on eBay, you'll save time and increase your revenues with this eBay repricing tool!

Automatic ebay repricing

Create eBay pricing and repricing rules to maximise your eBay margin automatically

Upload and Reprice on eBay in bulk across al the eBay sites

Reprice eBay items as soon
as you receive a new price list

Create winning eBay pricing strategies for increased eBay sales in a few minutes

With eBay pricing software you decide how you want to win new eBay sales. Set eBay prices automatically against the competition based on cost price or on maximum and lowest price. And reprice automatically with this eBay pricing tool every time you get a new price list.

"I was selling my stuff too cheap - I was able to increase my margins."

If you don't know what your competitors are doing, then you won't be able to price your eBay items with confidence. That's why you need to be using an eBay repricer tool, and that's why this eBay repricing software is right for you.

Many eBay sellers price their items too low on eBay because they are not able to stay on top of fast moving goods and prices. eBay pricing software removes that problem fast.

Staying on top of thousands of items on eBay is impossible without the right eBay repricer management software and the right eBay repricing solution.

You can reprice using the barcode as a reference, or if the item is in the eBay Catalogue.

eBay sellers are able to keep their prices at just the right level, to win business AND maximise margins.


"Easy to set up eBay price rules for different lines".

If you have hundreds, or many thousands, of eBay listings, then setting a price range for each item is not practical. Wihout using an eBay pricing tool you will suffer badly.

Instead it's much more efficient and manageable if you group similar items together which have similar pricing and margin possibilities.

That will allow you to create a Pricing Profile; a rule that lets you automatically reprice your eBay items by moving them up and down within an upper and lower percentage of the cost price. Pricing profiles are at the heart of our eBay reprcing software.

That gives you a fast way to adjust the rules surrounding thousands of eBay listings with very little effort. No need to spend hours and hours setting individual prices or price limits.

Set specific rules for your various lines and even set up different rules for each eBay country specific site you sell on. Take the weight off your shoulders and maximise the margin and return from your eBay listings.


Automated eBay repricing - Features designed to increase your sales

Automated eBay repricing rules

With automatic eBay repricing, we give you the flexibility you need to compete in the way you want to compete. Whether it's eBay Australia or eBay UK, you'll be able to set the strategy that is right for your business in that part of the world.

Set a fixed price on eBay Germany, while allowing your price for the same item in the UK to automatically move as the competition changes their prices.

Always be sure that your margin is being maximised when using upper and lower price limits, whether you have opted to set discrete upper and lower prices or set those limits based on the cost price.

Decide whether you want to match the price of your competitor or to beat them by as much or as little as you want.

And ensure you include the preferred postage costs with each repricing rule, giving you maximum scope to win eBay sales time and time again.

eBay catalogue items

Automatically repricing against eBay catalogue items, or with the barcode, is the best way to compete on eBay. As eBay increases the size and quality of it's catalogue, it gives you the chance to boost your sales. There is no risk of competing against the wrong item, each eBay catalogue item has fully detailed descriptions including the Barcode. The eBay catalogue significantly reduces the amount of time you have to spend creating eBay descriptions and ensures that you can compete with other eBay sellers safely.

No need to track eBay listing ID

The approach we take ensures that you do not have to create lists and lists of eBay listing IDs, or set up complex search terms to find the items you think may be competitive. Instead our automated repricer uses the eBay catalogue, or the item's barcode, to make repricing safe, simple and successful.

Round your pricing to the nearest 99p

One proven tactic in retail is to price items to the nearest 99p. This price anchoring technique is replicated in our automated eBay repricer, giving you the same feature that high street retailers have used successfully for years

Use it to trigger the buy emotion in your eBay customers.

Compete on fully landed price

By giving you the ability to include your selling overheads such as postage and packaging you'll always compete on the fully landed price.

That ensures that you don't end up selling an item that you can't afford to ship.

Our automatic eBay repricer has it all.

Pricing report to highlight your eBay competition

Our range of price reports gives you the Business Information and Business Intelligence you need to see where your eBay business is winning.

Among many other pieces of vital information, we'll also tell you how many eBay competitors you have, allowing you to decide on the best strategy for your business.

eBay Repricing Software - all your questions answered

What should I be looking for in the best eBay repricer software?

Reliability! It has to work 24/7 and it has to work flawlessly. You'll also want to make sure that it is easy to use. That's why we reprice against the eBay catalogue and against barcodes - it ensures that you don't reprice against the wrong items.

What will it do to my sales?

You'll find that your margin is much better managed. So the overall profitability will increase. And you'll have more time to do other things within your business.

Will I need separate eBay stock control software?

No. Seller Dynamics is a full marketplace management software system, with inbuilt Stock Control and Inventory Management systems.

Can I set different prices on different eBays?

Yes. If you think that you need a different pricing strategy on one or more eBays, then you set those up using a Pricing Profile.

Do I download the eBay repricer software?

Our system is Cloud based, which means there is nothing to download or install.

Can I set fixed prices rather than automatic pricing?

Yes. You have a range of options within Seller Dynamics when it comes to pricing on eBay.

What happens when I get new prices from a supplier?

We will update your cost prices in bulk, ensuring your margin is always protected.

What happens when I run out of stock?

We automatically update your stock level on eBay so you don't oversell. We'll leave your listing up with no stock available, or you can choose to have it removed when there is no stock left.

How can I see if my strategy is working?

There are a number of reports as well as a dashboard to help you see how your eBay seller business is performing.

Can I automate my supplier feeds?

Yes. We can help with that, it may have a small cost in some cases.

Will it set the same price as my Amazon items?

Our eBay repricer works independently of your Amazon prices to give you maximum flexibility. But if you want you can use the same pricing rule for Amazon items as eBay items.

I might need help - can you help if I do?

Of course, we take support and on-boarding very seriously. You can be rest assured that we'll make your move smooth.

Is it email or chat based support?

Yes to both - and we are also available on the phone!

How long do I have to wait for a reply from support?

We'll acknowledge your query within 1 working hour of receipt.

Are there resolution schedules and turnaround times?

We’ll respond with either a resolution or planned resolution within 2 working days should one be required.

What about live chat tutorials if required?

We supply online training and support via screen sharing techniques, to make your life easier.

Do you provide any custom integration services?

We can develop custom integration solutions for you, or work with your own IT team as required.

Is there a CRM within your system?

We think it's best if you use one of the many CRM systems that are out there. We don't think re-inventing the wheel makes much sense.

Are any support packages included?

You get full support included when you sign up.

What if there is a major failure in either server or network?

We have a full disaster recovery backup in place, your data and your business is safe in our hands.

How easy is it to change my pricing rules?

Very easy. Change the rule and it will automatically adjust your prices for you.

Does it work in real time?

Yes, it works as fast as eBay lets us.

What about video tutorials?

Yes, we have a range of online resources that will prove helpful.

What system requirements do I need?

Seller Dynamics is cloud based so there is nothing to install, all you need is a decent PC or MAC and a good internet connection.

What other repricing can you do?

We reprice on Amazon, eBay & Fnac. With price management on Cdiscount, Shopify and Magento.

Can the system communicate with other systems?

Yes, you can use our APIs and we can also discuss with you automated supplier feeds.

What is the cost?

Check out our pricing page for pricing or why not call for a chat.

Is there a free trial?

A full 14 days free, complete with onboarding, account management and support.

Does your system integrate well with accountancy packages?

We export sales information in an easy to digest excel and csv form ensuring that all accountancy packages that can import data can be updated with ease.

Does it take long to set the system up?

That depends on how easy it is to get your stock lists from you. But the team are here to help make it as pain free and fast as possible.

Do you integrate with Shopify?

Yes, we love Shopify. And we do Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce as well.

“We were able to list more and more on eBay,
because we knew we were in complete control of our prices”