Increase your sales on Fnac with repricing software

Sell more and sell more profitably on Fnac with software designed to manage your margin and prices.


Repricing on Fnac

  • Set pricing rules for each of the Fnac marketplaces
  • Ensure you are as competitive as possible at all times
  • Add in Forex and delivery costs easily 
  • Set up unique pricing rules to differentiate Fnac from your other marketplaces

By embracing marketplace Fnac you'll extend your business into new European markets. And by ensuring you make full use of our Fnac repricer you'll win sales time and time again.

Manage your Fnac
prices orders couriers stock fulfillment
the easy way with Seller Dynamics.

Setting up automatic repricing on Fnac is simply a matter of creating a few Pricing Profiles to ensure your various lines can be automatically repriced to keep them competitive.

And of course we'll ensure that your prices go back up when they can to maximise your margins and profits.

With our Fnac repricer features you will be able to build in Forex, postage and overhead costs with ease.

And as the market price changes we'll adjust your price continuously within the limits you set.

That gives you increased sales and all done within you permitted margins.

Beat the competition by as little as a cent or as much as you want. Or if it makes sense, then simply set things up to match the best priced competitor. Call us on 01786 430076 and we can explain things fully.

Increased profits with automatic pricing

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