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"Our sales on Amazon were dreadful - but our own site sales were great so we just ignored Amazon, eventually though we realised that we needed to figure out what was wrong with Amazon."

It's easy for you to be so busy that you ignore a particular problem, luckily we're here to help you. With many years of experience we'll identify why your marketplace sales are disappointing and fix that problem fast.

"Our stock list had grown a lot over the years - but it was a real mess. Our SKUs on eBay were different from those we used on Amazon and we were spending more and more time double checking we were shipping the right items."

Let us help you stand back and consider how you really want things organised. We know how things need to be structured for you to run a smooth Amazon and eBay sales operation.

"We got a suspension from Amazon and couldn't figure out how to get back on."

Don't lose sleep trying to figure out how to remove a suspension, you'll find that our expertise will help you identiify what you need to do to correct your failings and how to reassure Amazon that things will be different from now on.

"We don't sell directly to the public, so using Amazon's Vendor Central was a no brainer - but sales were a lot lower than we expected and we couldn't see why."

If you're not used to selling directly to the end user then the chances are you won't be able to see why you are not selling via Vendor Central. That's where we can help, we'll review your listings and settings and get your sales moving.

"We got suspended because our images weren't good enough, so we fixed that. But then we got another warning message to remove telephone numbers. The continual warnings and changes were getting on top of me."

Don't allow youself to be overwhelmed by the rate of changes from eBay and Amazon, or by the amount of work that sometimes seems daunting. Our consultants can help you stay on top of things. We have a wide and deep range of experiences all based on real life challenges that retailers like you have faced.

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I'm sure most of us that use that use Third party multi-channel / marketplace software have been left totally frustrated and let down many times over the years. I certainly have and when trawling the web for a replacement, I have always come across many people expressing their negative views and generally having a rant about most of the so called "big names" (no need to mention – you will all know the list of usual suspects!)

Anyway….I was persuaded by someone I had dealt with before to join one of the "new guys" about 18 months ago. With trepidation I moved my inventory (approx. 50k sku's) across. There were a few minor teething problems of course as we got used to a new system, however, if I picked up the phone someone not only actually answered, but dealt with the issue or query very quickly there and then, and for the last 12 months no real aggro at all.,

Then Amazon tell me over 50,000 of the images I have painstakingly created over the last 5 years or so are no good!! 2 inches off the edge of the t shirt are missing so regarded as "cropped " Couldn't get my breath and to be honest I lost sleep as to how I, as a small family business could possibly deal with so many supressed listings going into the busy Christmas ...Nightmare, absolute nightmare….

Seller Dynamics to the rescue…. the problem was nothing to do with them ,but they quickly sensed my angst and the team got together and went well beyond anything I expected to help me out, hence things are getting tidied up and I can now sleep at night.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. My real point is that I, like most are quick enough to kick off and have a rant when things go wrong, so I thought when things have gone right even better than they should be, I thought it only fair to sing their praises.

Seller Dynamics - thanks for your help and look forward to working with you moving forward


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