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Free eBay listing fee calculator

provided "as is"; you should always refer to the eBay price guides prior to making any listing decisions. Information correct, to the best of our knowledge, at July 2018.


eBay Listing Fees and our eBay Listing Fee Calculator explained

Your eBay listing calculator questions answered


What are eBay Listing fees?

When you want to add an item to eBay you have to create a listing that your potential eBay customers can see. Each listing costs money. The cost varies depending on your eBay subscription and various listing options.

Have you subscribed for an eBay Shop? If you have then you get a number of listings included in that subscription for free. If you go above that free quota then they charge for each additional listing.

The eBay Listing Calculator on this page allows you to see what your costs would be for adding a listing. It asks you what sort of shop you have and the number of listings you have, as well as any listing options you want to add.

We then can calculate your eBay listing costs. The costs are for UK eBay. You can get full eBay pricing on their website here.

What are eBay Final Selling fees?

There are two sets of fees that eBay charges. The first is the eBay Listing  fee (this page has an eBay Listing Calculator on it). The second is the eBay Final Selling fee and this is based on a percentage of the selling price of your item

The percentage that eBay will charge depends on where your item has been listed. You can expect to get charged 11% for most sales, but this will be reduced for categories such as Baby which is 9%.

Certain categories have sub categories: Home, Furniture and DIY is 10%; but the sub-category for DIY is 5% due to the tight margins in that sector.

We have an eBay calculator that will show you your eBay Final Selling Fee and you can find it here. It lets you enter the selling price and category to help you see how much eBay will charge you when you sell the item.

How do I calculate my eBay fees?

Our eBay calculator will do that for you of course, but it's good to check these things for yourself (and you should).

Full eBay pricing is shown on the eBay pages.

To calculate your eBay listing costs you first need to figure out how many listings you have above your "free" allowance. Depending on the Shop subscription your fee per listing will be anything from 30p to nil. Simply multiply the two numbers together.

If you have opted for additional features such as a subtitle then you will have to add that on top for each  listing that uses it. The Image Gallery is free in many categories, so although it is £2.50 it will be free if you are listing in a category such as Home.

Should I use the optional extras on eBay items?

Each optional extra has it's own benefits, but they can add a fair bit to the cost of an item and could eat into your profits significantly.

If you use our eBay calculator on this page you'll be able to see just how much those extras will cost across your listings.

The Image Gallery is free in many categories, but if the category that you are in does not include it for free, then that feature is only appropriate when you can guarantee a good margin.

Internation Visibility is useful if you want to sell on eBay USA and Canada. But if you already have a local eBay store in those countries already it is not required.

We have a podcast on eBay fees if you want to dig a little deeper - you can find it here.

Does your eBay calculator include PayPal fees?

We have a separate calculator specifically for calculating PayPal fees (it uses UK PayPal charges).

As you may know PayPal fees vary depending on the amount you sell in a month. There are a few bands, and the percentage charged drops as you go up the bands.

A fixed fee of 20p per transaction is charged on top of the % fee.

You can visit our PayPal calculator here.

How can I calculate my total fees including PayPal and other charges?

There are a lot of fees involved in listing and selling an item on eBay and other markets.

If you don't account for all those fees then it's easy to end up selling at a loss. That is why we have provided our Listing Cost Calculator for Amazon and eBay.

It allows you to enter the various fixed and variable fees that listing and selling an item encurs.

It requires you to know the Cost of the item and the margin you want to apply. By asking that we are able to calculate the listing price required to make sure you make money.

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