Free AMAZON PROFIT calculator for Amazon SELLERS

The Amazon Profit Calculator makes it easy to find out how to make a profit on Amazon.

As you will see you can use it as an Amazon Seller Fees Calculator as it has the fees that Amazon charge built in.

As an Amazon Fees Calculator you'll find it easy to use - and as an Amazon Profit Calculator you'll find it an important tool for selling profitably.

PDF explaining our listing price formula available here.

Excel Spreadsheet implementing formula available here.

The tool is provided "as is"; & you should always check things for yourself before setting your prices. Information correct, to the best of our knowledge, as of July 2018.


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Amazon Profit Calculator
Amazon Seller Fees Calculator To Calculate A Profitable Amazon Price

Calculate Amazon listing prices and make sure you always profit on Amazon - calculate your Amazon Fees with ease


What is the Amazon Profit Calculator for?

The Amazon Profit Calculator allows you to enter the profit you would like to make on an item (fixed and/or percentage based) and then generates the listing price that will allow you to make that profit when you sell on Amazon.

The calculator uses the seller rates from Amazon UK, and also applies a closing fee if appropriate. This means you can use it as an Amazon Seller Fees calculator if you want. As you will see you enter all the other costs that impact the final price - postage, VAT and so on. If you are using FBA then that can go in as the Postage cost. And if you have any other third party costs then you can enter these as percentage based or as a fixed value.

The Amazon Profit Calculator is there to help you run your business profitably and to ensure you consider all the costs: as a way to calculate Amazon Fees it's ideal.

How do I calculate a selling price for Amazon?

This Amazon selling fees calculator calculates the perfect Amazon listing price based on your business requirements. It uses the various percentage fees that Amazon UK charges as referral fees. And it also ensures that if Amazon charge a Closing Fee when an item is sold that, that is also added in the eventual price.

The formula we use for our Amazon Profit Calculator is explained in this guide - Calculating a profitable price for your Amazon products. You can use the above Amazon price calculator or you could use the formula within a spreadsheet if that is easier for you. However, you choose to use it we're sure you'll find the Amazon Seller Fees calculator useful.

How does your Amazon listing price calculator work ?

Lets take you through the steps.

Step 1: What's the cost of the item (net of VAT).

Step 2: You might want to add a fixed amount as a profit. If you do, then this is the point to enter it.

Step 3: Whether or not you added a fixed amount as a profit, you can also enter a percentage mark up. Maybe you want to generate 20% as a profit based on the cost price.

Step 4: Make sure to add in your Postage and Packaging. Is it First Class or is it Fulfilled By Amazon, add the costs in here. We have Royal Mail UK Standard Postage and Amazon Domestic FBA Calculators you can use separately.

Step 5: Next you need to choose the category you are listing in on Amazon UK.

Step 6: Now you need to enter any additional % fee you may be charged on the sale. This can be left at 0 if you have no other percentage based fees.

Step 7: Enter any per transaction fees, this could be a 3rd Party fulfillment fee for instance.

Step 8: Enter the VAT level. Standard UK VAT is 20%, Books are 0% and so on.

Step 9: And finally let's check if you are required to pay the Amazon Closing Fee. So tick the box if you sell in one of the categories listed in Step 9.

And you are done.

You'll see in the results area that we calculate the Amazon listing price you need to make the profit that you want.

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