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FBA Calculator UK

This Amazon Fees Calculator is specifc to UK FBA costs. And can be used as an Amazon FBA Profit Calculator when compared to Royal Mail shipping costs.

And you could take the costs here and use them in our Amazon Profit Calculator to arrive at your total cost for Amazon FBA sales.

The FBA Calculator is provided "as is"; you should always refer to the Amazon FBA guides prior to making any decisions. Information correct, to the best of our knowledge, at July 2018. Based on the Amazon Rate Card dated 26th April 2018.


Amazon FBA UK Fulfilment Fees and our FBA Calculator explained

Your Amazon FBA calculator questions answered


What is Amazon FBA, can I use it?

Amazon FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is a chargeable service that allows you to store your items at an Amazon Warehouse, or Fulfillment Centre.

The idea is simple enough, you send your stuff to Amazon and when an order comes in, they look after all the shipping.

The chances are that you can use it. Though it's not perfect for everyone.

For instance if you have limited stock availability it may not be feasible to store it in a remote location. Or if the items are particularly expensive, again you may want to hold those items yourself.

FBA is extremely popular though, and it can reduce the strain on your operations significantly. It can improve your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

How much is it to use Amazon FBA?

There are a number of costs associated with using Fulfilled By Amazon. Our Amazon FBA Calculator UK on this page is helpful if you want to know what the UK Domestic Amazon FBA Shipping Costs are: that is fulfilling an order in the UK from a UK Fulfilment Centre. We calculate the FBA shipping cost and then compare those costs to the costs of shipping a similar parcel via 1st Class Royal Mail.

However, there are other costs associated with FBA and you should weigh those costs up before deciding anything.

The most important one is that you need to send your goods to Amazon in the first place via a courier. So you will have to factor that in.

The next cost is that associated with the storage of items, basically there is a square footage charge that is applied.

A full FBA price guide can be found here.

How does your Amazon FBA Calculator work?

We have taken the FBA Price Guide for UK domestic fulfilment and created an easy to use FBA Calculator. We compare the results, if it is a parcel, to the similar parcel sizes of the Royal Mail Domestic 1st Class Service.

The FBA Calculator UK above has only three steps. Simply enter the weight of the item, the dimensions of the item (or type of package) and the value.

We'll do the rest by comparing what you have entered to the FBA Domestic Price table.

We used the Royal Mail Standard 1st Class pricing to compare things against. You can find the UK Standard (and other) Royal Mail pricing here and the full Amazon FBA Pricing here.


Is it cost effective to use Amazon FBA?

It can be very cost effective to use FBA and our FBA calculator UK can help you decide if the results are good for you.

However, we'd recommend that you look closely at the shipping costs for the particular size and weight of the items you are shipping. FBA is great for some things and not so great for others. So compare costs closely against the Royal Mail or your preferred courier.

Clearly a big benefit is that your operational costs are much reduced. Amazon will pick, pack and despatch - saving you a large overhead.

Don't forget you need to ship your items to the Fulfilment Center in the first place..

What are the drawbacks of using Amazon FBA?

There are a few things you need to consider when deciding whether or not it makes sense to use FBA. An FBA Calculator won't answer those questions for you unfortunately.

The biggest drawback is that getting your stock back out of a Fulfilment Center can be expensive if the items fail to sell, or if you need the items back for any reason.

Amazon have costs associated with returning the items which are higher than the costs of shipping the item to a customer. And they have costs if you would rather that they simply dispose of the items.

Check out all Amazon FBA prices here including return costs an other options that Amazon offer.

Can I use FBA to fulfill my non Amazon orders?

You can use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders from any site or any other marketplace, even eBay.

However, the costs for shipping are very different and the FBA Calculator above will not show you the costs for doing that.

If you want to know the costs of using FBA to fulfill non Amazon sales then take a look at the FBA Price guide.

You will see that fulfilment costs are higher. One reason that the costs are higher is that Amazon are not making any commission on the sale of the item, and that is reflected in the higher fulfilment costs.

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