Add a Rakuten marketplace integration and see your sales soar

Increase your reach by adding Rakuten as one of your sales channels and watch your sales improve.


Managing Rakuten to drive your sales

  • List on multiple Rakuten marketplaces
  • Increase your global sales dramatically
  • Change price levels at a stroke
  • Manage stock levels and inventory automatically
  • Fully integrated with a range of couriers
  • Streamlined pick, pack and dispatch

Rakuten have a range of marketplaces from Europe to the Far East, providing retailers like you with the opportunity to sell in countries you may have previously thought impossible. With Seller Dynamics you'll find that managing multiple Rakuten sites is suddenly feasible, ensuring that your sales and your profits can grow.

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made easy.

Listing, pricing, sales, inventory management and fulfillment are all managed from our fully supported system. Our telephone and email support is there to ensure that you can get started with us quickly and that any questions get addressed fast. Our free 14 day trial is there for you to try things out and to make sure that this is the system for you. Why not call us on 01786 430076 to find out more and to get a demonstration?

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