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Manage your Shopify Store as well as Amazon and eBay and a range of other marketplaces all from the one place. Manage orders, stock levels, suppliers and prices with our Shopify Integration.




Integrating Shopify with Amazon and eBay to increase sales

  • Manage your Shopify site
  • Add new Shopify listings
  • Adjust Shopify stock levels automatically
  • Centrally control Shopify prices
  • Process Shopify orders with ease
  • Pick and Pack efficiently
  • Integrated with a wide range of couriers
  • Sync Shopify with Seller Dynamics today


Shopify integration


We have ensured that if you have a website built on the Shopify platform that your stock, sales and fulfillment can all be centrally managed from within Seller Dynamics.

We know your time is precious: that's why we have integration options with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other popular marketplaces, such as Cdiscount & Fnac.

See what HTS (Scotland) have to say about using Shopify.

Shopify integration benefits

Connect Shopify to Amazon

With Seller Dynamics you can easily manage your Shopify Store and all your marketplaces such as Amazon.

All you Amazon stores, whether from the USA or Australia, can be managed from Seller Dynamics. And at the same time you can manage your Shopify website as well.

That makes running your business, so much easier.

Connect Shopify to eBay

The connection between Seller Dynamics and eBay ensures you are always in control of your sales, wherever, and whenever, they happen.

By connection your Shopify store to Seller Dynamics you can ensure that all your orders and all your inventory is managed in a single place.

That gives you the confidence to really grow your online business.

Solve your ecommerce nightmares

Shopify Set Up and Marketplace Integration

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Shopify benefits at a glance

Shopify configuration is very straightforward

There are a number of plans that you can choose from when getting started with Shopify. Prices start a few tens of pounds. And a commission on sales is also levied.

It's very easy to start adding products, you really can be up and running in just a few days.

Retailers we speak to, simply love Shopify.

Shopify themes make it is easy to customise

Thanks to the open nature of Shopify there are a great many themes you can purchase. That saves a huge amount of time in the design process.

You'll find that there is a good range of free themes available. That is a very cost effective way to get going. You can always change the theme later; once you are happy with Shopify as a solution.

Adding Products to Shopify is completely painless

The Shopify Interface has been designed to be simple to use, and it is.

As you would expect; you will need to add the Title, Description and appropriate images. But it is all easy to get your head around.

It really isn't complicated.

Shopify have nailed SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Shopify has been carefully thought out; and it ensures you stand the best chance of being found by your potential customers.

Shopify lets you easily edit the product metadata, such as keywords.

It is that metadata that the Search Engines use to help identify what the product is.

Getting found can be hard. But at least Shopify have made setting up the SEO data simple, so that's good.

Shopify Pricing plans are attractive

You have to subscribe to a plan when getting started on Shopify. They go up to a couple of hundred pounds per month, depending on your likely needs.

Some retailers are a little nervous about the commission that is charged on top. This can vary from 2% down to 0.5%. But on balance we like that, it ensures that Shopify are keen to ensure you sell more.

If you use Shopify Payments then this can reduce your Card Transaction fees a little, so that is worth looking at.

Third party add-ons via the Shopify App Store

Shopify has been designed to be extensible. That means that third parties can create add on apps and integrate applications with Shopify in a controlled manner.

This gives you a variety of interesting services to potentially add into your shopping cart.

Each App is charged on a monthly basis, to help you manage your costs.

The most common add-ons are related to things like customer feedback.

Shopify API for business system integration

The extensible nature of Shopify also ensures you can take advantage of the Shopify API. It has been designed to allow you to connect other business systems to it; with a little development work.

This is how we connect to Shopify; all that work has already been done for you. So it really is easy to connect your Shopify platform to Seller Dynamics.

Shopify have great support (so do we)

If you opt to subscribe to Shopify then you will find that you can use Phone, email and Online Chat to get the support you need.

Another major benefit with support is that with so many third parties, like us, you are able to find the specific help you need.

Shopify Shopping Cart Hosting included

Because Shopify is a hosted shopping cart solution, you will not have to worry about things like PCI compliance.

It's all taken care off for you. That is a great idea, and it lets you concentrate on running your online store.