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FREE VAT Calculator

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Our VAT Calculator explained

Your VAT calculator questions answered


How does your VAT Calculator work?

Our VAT Calculator is nice and simple to use.

First tell us if you are entering a Gross Value or a Net Value. A Net Value is a value where the VAT has not been added yet.

Then tell us what the value is.

And lastly tell us the rate; 20% is the UK Standard rate, but other rates exist depending on what you are selling.

We'll then show you the results.

As you may be aware VAT rates vary across Europe and if you are selling in EU countries you may have to charge the apprioate local level of VAT. You will need to do this if you have exceeded the Distance Selling Threshold or if you are fulfilling in that country. This includes using FBA from a non domestic fulfilment Center.

You should consult with an accountant or a specialist VAT service if you are in any doubts about your VAT obligations.

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