Managing VAT and Tax

Designed to help you manage your VAT and Tax responsibilities wherever you sell.

Don't let VAT reporting get in the way of selling more

  • Monitor your EU VAT position
  • Make sure you don't break distance selling thresholds
  • Don't let VAT reporting stop you growing your business

Multi channel e-commerce opens up fantastic sales opportunities, but you have to be aware of  your tax obligations. Seller Dynamics helps you manage and handle your VAT obligations, though we do recommend you seek out specialist VAT consultants to help with the admin and registration.

You might need to be registered in the EU countries if you are selling into them. Each country in the EU has a VAT Threshold level. If you sell more than that threshold, in that country, then you are obliged to register for VAT, and to pay the appropriate tax, to that country.

VAT classification for products

Across the EU each product classification group can have it's own VAT level and each country can set that level as they see fit.

Thankfully Seller Dynamics lets you set up those levels to make sure you don't breach the rules when selling.

Multiple VAT levels and VAT change management

Seller Dynamics lets you set multiple VAT rates for each marketplace you list on.

And you can ensure that the right VAT rate is used when a new VAT level is introduced for a future date.