Sell internationally the easy way

Amazon and eBay have made selling internationally easy, make sure you take full advantage of Cross Border Trade.

Cross Border Trade made easy

  • Manage dozens of international marketplaces
  • Simple to set up Forex rates
  • Easily manage multiple listings for each marketplace
  • Monitor any tax obligations

Marketplaces open up international sales for retailers of all sizes. To maximise your sales in other geographies it is best to list on the country specific marketplace directly. Amazon Cross Border Trade and eBay Cross Border Trade are particularly easy for CBT retailers.

It's easy to do, indeed the marketplaces have went to great lengths to simplify the whole process.

And with Seller Dynamics managing the whole process, there really is nothing to stop you increasing your sales today. Why not call to find out more on 01786 430076.

Cross Border Trade increases your sales

You can quickly increase your sales by embracing other country marketplaces.

In some cases you won't even have to translate the product description.

And to give you complete control, even if you are using an Amazon unified account, you can even set prices and rules uniquely for each country.

Cross Border Trade on marketplaces

The CBT sales checklist

  • List on each of the local marketplaces directly
  • Translate the title
  • Ideally translate the description and any keywords
  • Check categories and any item specific fields are still valid
  • Convert price to local currency
  • Adjust postage and shipping
  • Make delivery times clear
Cross Border Trade on marketplaces