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No barriers for sent2u as they increase their ebay sales globally

Seller Dynamics is all about coping with change so when one of our clients wants to push into new markets we figure we’ve done something right. Keith Ingram at HTS is a good fit with Seller Dynamics – ambitious and professional.
“We sell a large number of media products in a month - DVDs, CDs, toys, gifts – all fast moving but margins are tight, and the competition is ferocious for best price. For us volume is important – the more places to sell, the more profit I can make.”
Holding Keith back though was ebay – his existing marketplace management solution simply wasn’t cutting it.

 “I wanted to sell on other ebay territories, not just the UK. The barriers didn’t come from ebay but from my solution provider. I kept getting told I couldn’t, or the system wasn’t designed that way, they weren’t providing any solutions. I kept getting pushed back – that was really annoying – I was paying good money for a system that couldn’t do what I wanted. I knew I was losing volume and in all honesty, patience.”

At Seller Dynamics though Keith found a different approach.

“Amazon don’t operate in Australia but eBay do. When I switched on eBay Australia we got orders the first day with Seller Dynamics. I kept the stock listings to just a few things for the first few days to figure out how the Aussie eBay works and make sure we or Seller Dynamics wasn’t going to mess up. Once we were organised on our operations side, we went for it – I knew it would be a good market for us and it is. eBay Germany is next – we’re already doing well on Amazon Germany so eBay Germany should work for us just as well.”


Sent2u is an online identity of HTS (Scotland) Limited. Sent2u sell fast moving consumer goods including DVDs and CDs on a variety of marketplaces.

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