Powerful Dashboard Analytics

Stay on top of all your Business metrics, all the information you need in an easy to understand format.

Business Management Information at your fingertips

  • Sales revenue information
  • Margin performance
  • Performance by channel
  • Multiple reports for your every need

Our easy to understand dashboard gives you everything you need to monitor, manage and drive your business on all your favourite marketplaces.

Comprehensive business reports will show you how well orders are being fulfilled and highlight those orders that are causing problems. 

Give yourself the overview you need to be confident that your business is performing. Call us on 01786 430076 to find out more.

Flexible reports and queries

Find out about your listings and SKUs, as well as a multitude of other operational areas, with a range of powerful reports and queries.

It's all about the profit

From your dashboard you'll be able to see what your most profitable items are and how much they are contributing to your bottom line.

Easily see what things cost and what you realised in sales with our easy to understand dashboard.

It's all about fulfillment

Once your orders are received it's vital to get them to the customer as quickly as possible to avoid any marketplace penalty that reduces your performance rating.

Monitor fulfillment easily using our dashboard.