Goods In Management To Keep Things Moving

Check in using POs, in bulk, or by individual item barcode. Goods In made easy.

Booking in items fast at Goods In

  • Call up an existing Purchase Order to scan in received items
  • Book in individual items manually
  • Search for specific items to book in quickly
  • Track how complete a Purchase Order is by value.

When goods arrive at your business we have made sure you can check them in quickly and effectively.

You can call up the specific Purchase Order and scan in the items received, or you can manually book in the item whether or not it was on a Purchase Order.

And as the Purchase Order is fulfilled you can tell at a glance how much of it is still outstanding,

Finding out more couldn't be easier, just call us on 01786 430076.

Barcode scanning to accelerate check in

Call up the Purchase Order and start scanning the items for the fastest way to move stock from received to the warehouse.

Make manual adjustment to goods received when needed

Quickly book in manually when you need to, or when a Purchase Order is partially fulfilled, or if you don't use Purchase Orders.