What is Standard On-Boarding during my trial?

We want you to get the most out of your trial with Seller Dynamics. And that means we are here to help.

HOW MANY MARKETPLACES WILL YOU IMPORT DURING MY TRIAL? So that you don't get overwhelmed, and so that you can still run your business - we'll take 2 of your existing marketplaces and get them imported and running in Seller Dynamics.

DO I NEED TO BUY A NEW EBAY LISTING TEMPLATE? No! We have a selection of FREE, great looking templates to choose from. And if you have an existing eBay template we can tell you how to integrate it with Seller Dynamics, it's easy.

HOW WILL I SET UP SHIPPING AND PRICING? We'll discuss with you your Shipping preferences, and your Pricing and Repricing desires. We'll then set up several of each to show you just how powerful Seller Dynamics is. That gets you using Seller Dynamics fast and lets you see just how much better life can be.

WHEN CAN I MIGRATE ALL MY MARKETPLACES? As soon as you can see that Seller Dynamics is right for your business you can come out of the trial period and we can migrate the rest of your marketplaces. We don't want to spend time migrating data if you are not convinced, and we know that you don't have the time to waste either.

WHAT IF I AM NOT SELLING ON MARKETPLACES? If you are new to marketplaces but already have a website, or maybe just some products, we can import a few of those products into Seller Dynamics to show you just how easy it is to start selling on the marketplaces.

We won't import all of your website or products if you are new to marketplaces - because marketplaces aren't right for everyone, and you need to find out if they are right for you.

What is Premium On-Boarding?

If you are in a real hurry or have specific challenges surrounding your listings, then Premium On-Boarding will be for you.

DO I NEED PREMIUM ON-BOARDING TO USE SELLER DYNAMICS?  NO! Standard On-Boarding is the right fit for almost everyone. Standard on-boarding gets you set up during the trial to show you that Seller Dynamics is right for you, and then it will get the rest of your data migrated when you are ready to go.

SO WHEN IS PREMIUM ON-BOARDING REQUIRED? Premium on-boarding is when you need some extra help. Such as: SKUs not matching on eBay and on Amazon; you have a large number of Shipping requirements; you have complex pricing and repricing requirements that need special handling; you have stock inventory errors that need analysis.

It's the ideal solution if you have large numbers of variations or Kit products and need help in setting those up.

WHAT IF I NEED TO INTEGRATE STOCK FEEDS OR OTHER SYSTEMS? If you want to connect a stock feed to Seller Dynamics we can do that as part of our Premium on-boarding. We can take the feed and ensure it feeds your stock levels into Seller Dynamics. And if you have the need to connect to our API then that can also be part of our Premium on-boarding service.

WHAT IF I HAVE A WEBSITE AND I NEED HELP TO SELL ON MARKETPLACES? Premium on-boarding is probably right for you. We can help in all aspects of getting your stock sorted in order to be listed on the marketplaces. And that will get your sales really moving.