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Maximum profits with automatic Amazon repricing software

When it comes to selling on Amazon you need to be able to automatically reprice with confidence. That's why the right choice is Seller Dynamics.

  • Reprice continuously to win greater sales
  • Maximise your margin to drive your profits
  • Compete to win the Amazon Buy Box
  • Reprice with unique profiles across all your Amazon marketplaces
  • Incorporate Forex into your Amazon repricing rules
  • Build in additional fixed margin profit levels
  • Compete on fully landed price including Postage and Packaging

Amazon repricing

Using our Amazon repricing software, we’ll make sure you always sell ahead of the competition without sacrificing your profits. 

Amazon repricing software is just one of the numerous automated features in Seller Dynamics which ensures you maintain your items as the top ranking products on the marketplace.

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By intelligently monitoring the prices of all direct competitor products, our Amazon repricing software will refresh the price of your item if required. Price margins are set by you alone, so while you may not always sell at your highest price, you can be rest assured that you will ALWAYS sell at a profit. 

Set your upper and lower margins across individual or groups of SKUs, using either percentages or discrete monetary values to keep your business winning new business profitably.

And for each Amazon marketplace you list on you can set up unique pricing controls for each, ensuring you maximise your profits throughout the world.

Amazon repricer

Automatic Amazon repricing to grow your sales and your profits


Amazon repricing software explained

It's easy to understand and to use our Amazon repricing software, here's a simple example: 

Your closest marketplace competitors are selling at the same price as your highest price, our Amazon repricing software see's that and decreases your selling price just enough to make your item number 1.

Later a new competitor starts selling for the same amount as your lowest price. Our Amazon repricing software brings your selling price down to that lower level, ensuring that you still remain competitive.

When the competitor sells out our Amazon repricing software comes into effect again and increases your price to the highest price it can to keep you number 1.

The result for you is increased sales at a profit.

We'll move your prices up and down continuously as the market changes. You'll find all the features you need to win more Amazon business than you have ever won have before.

You can opt to beat the competition on price by as much or as little as you want.

Or you can opt to price match them when that is the best strategy.

And we'll always ensure that your price is moved up to maximise your margin when the opportunity arises.

Amazon repricer

Automatic Amazon repricing to keep you ahead of the competition



Increased sales and profits

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