• Episode #1 - the "why not" one
  • Why sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  • The problems with building and marketing your own website
  • Why Google sees Amazon as it's biggest competitor

  • Episode #2 - the "one billion" one
  • Why a repricer is essential to sell on Amazon
  • Amazon is the same height as Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Are repricers evil robots?

  • Episode #3 - the "3 to 5 times" one
  • How to increase your sales on Amazon and eBay by 3 to 5 times
  • The three golden rules of sales
  • Applying the golden rules of sales to Amazon and eBay

  • Episode #4 - the "Greg Kane" one
  • How Hue and Cry built their online audience
  • Music streaming via Amazon
  • Alexa - the future for music and online banking

  • Episode #5 - the "Vic at Crazylister" one
  • How Vic Levitin started on eBay with in car GPS equipment
  • When Vic met eBay - the birth of Crazylister
  • Active content on eBay - how to find and fix

  • Episode #6 - the "ebay listing cost" one
  • Cost per listing on eBay
  • Optional listing features - are they worth it
  • Final selling price fee and PayPal fees

  • Episode #7 - the "Simon from Cdiscount" one
  • Selling on French marketplace Cdiscount
  • The help UK sellers can expect on Cdiscount
  • The growth in Cdiscount and in French online retail


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