Marketplace Management Software

Avoid overselling and keep your customers happy with reliable marketplace management software.

Increase your sales and reduce your workloads.

With Marketplace Management Software you can sell in more places than ever AND never lose control.
Sell more and sell better across Amazon and eBay, Etsy, Cdiscount, Fnac and many more channels.


The 3 Steps to expand your business with multichannel software


Step 1

Multi Channel Software

Select the markets you sell on, set up stock levels & decide on pricing & fulfilment options.

Step 2

Multi Channel Software

List your stock using Seller Dynamics across all the markets you want

Step 3

Multi Channel Software

Manage your prices, sales and stock levels automatically & watch your sales grow fast



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"I don't need to worry about overselling or about running out of stock”

Marketplace listing software for online retailers

To sell on multiple channels, such as Amaxon and eBay, you’ll need to use Multi Channel Selling Software to ensure you can maximise the huge opportunity.

By listing and selling on multiple channels your sales will increase fast, but without a multi channel ecommerce system to manage things, you'll struggle to stay on top.

Marketplace Management software gives you so much: inventory control, multichannel selling, listing templates, repricing. All from a single screen.

Staying on top of prices, stock and orders is simply too hard without a multi channel selling software system to help.

Add multiple channels to your sales and start seeing improved sales instantly.

With multiple Amazon sites, a couple of dozen eBay sites, as well as Etsy, Cdiscount, FNAC and more; you really should be using Multi Channel Listing Software.

Start today with multichannel software

No matter how organised you are, it will prove impossible to cope without automatic pricing and a responsive stock management system. Running an ecommerce business without inventory management software to sync inventory is impossible.

There is not enough time in the day to manage all your stock, across all the possible markets. Start using a multi channel ecommerce solution today, to manage your listings & sales. Multichannel management software gives you the chance to prevent overselling, automatically update prices and manage orders and customers.

"Profits rose so rapidly that I was able to quit my job"

I created by business as a means to earn a bit of extra money to complement my full time teaching job.

However, with Seller Dynamics on board, profits rose so rapidly that I was able to quit my job to run the business full time.

We now employ 6 staff and are moving to much bigger premises.

I am convinced that without their expertise, I would still consider this a side line to my previous career. Their patience with my business problems and willingness to solve them, together with their ideas for how I can further my business, have been invaluable.

Neil Bitcruncher

We found Amazon a confusing place to list our products so went to Seller Dynamics for their help.

They have been a breeze to work with.

Their detailed report made sense and we put everything into practice very easily and are now enjoying watching our items sell on Amazon!

Would highly recommend.

Melanie Spice Pots

Marketplace Management Ecommerce Software Explained

Managing all your channels from a central location, with listing and price management, will transform your business.

Marketplace Managment Software

If you like saving time then our marketplace management ecommerce software is for you.

The Seller Dynamics, multichannel, listing tool, lets you sell across Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Fnac and even your own websites.

It's all covered with Seller Dynamics; when you want to sell across the global marketplaces, it makes adding a new sales channel easy, and if you want to add 40 sales channels, then even better.

If you are looking to expand your business, then you won't be able to that with features such as synchronised inventory management.

Synchronised automatic stock control

It's essential that Multi Channel Listing software knows when you are selling and where you are selling, in order that your stock levels can be kept up to date.

Never oversell on your marketplaces: thanks to the Stock Sync within our Multi Channel Software, you never will. Inventory management is essential to succeed.

You need to know what is in stock, what is in despatch, what is in goods-in, and what the supplier has available. And if you are using FBA, or third party fulfillment, then you'll need to know about that as well.

Make no mistake, inventory management software is essential for online retailers.

Automated repricing software

The very best Marketplace Management Ecommerce Software comes with automatic repricing built in, and if you are an Amazon seller the ability to automatically update prices is paramount.

That's why in Seller Dynamics you'll find that we automatically reprice on the marketplaces that allow it.

That means you can stay ahead of the competition on Amazon, eBay and Fnac. And you'll always be in control, thanks to simple to set up business rules.

We'll even reprice on all your markets when you get a new price list from a supplier.

Manage Your Fulfillment with Ease

There is no point selling online if you can't manage the fulfillment process, that is why you need management software specifically designed to manage your ecommerce business.

And with Seller Dynamics you'll find our multi channel selling software is integrated with the top courier aggregator platforms, allowing you to choose couriers or Royal Mail options.

That makes it as simple as possible for you to despatch and to meet your delivery deadlines.

Controlled access for all your staff

With our multichannel ecommerce software you'll find that each user has their own controlled user name and password; giving them the access they need to the parts of the system they have to see.

That give business owners, like you, the control they need to run their multichannel retailing business.

Product Kits

The range of features within the Seller Dynamics, Multi Channel Listing Software, are considerable.

Take for instance Product Kits; you can group items together to sell bundles of products to increase your average basket value - and we'll stay on top of the stock levels for you - regadless of how you bundle your items together.

That ensures you can create the product listings you need and prevent overselling at the same time. With multiple sales channels it is vital to sync inventory. Inventory control is a must.

Shopify, Magento & Website integration

Our Marketplace Management software doesn't stop with the global marketplaces; it is also fully integrated with Magento and Shopify website platforms. As well as giving various integration options for other platforms such as BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

That means from a single screen & single interface, your website sales can be tracked and managed at the same time as you manage all of your multiple sales channels.

If your prefferred shopping cart software is not Shopify or Magento then you can use our ecommerce API to connect directly instead.

API and automated product feeds

If you need to connect your busiiness system with our Multi Channel Listing Software then you'll be interested in our ecommerce API and automated stock feeds.

We give you access to the data your business systems need, and allow all you business systems to operate seemlessly.

And if you want to use flat files to import data - we do that as well.

So if selling on eBay, or selling on the other multiple sales channels we support, is not enough, then just hook up with our ecommerce API and feeds.

eBay automatic listing and repricing

If you have ever wised you could reprice on eBay - well now you can!

If your eBay items are in the eBay catalogue, or have barcodes, we give you the capability to carry out competitive repricing. Don't let the competition get in the way of your sales growth.

Selling on eBay can be truly dynamic with prices that automatically update.

And with listing software all your item specifics are managed with ease, regardless of the number.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box

And of course with powerful channel management software you'd expect to win the Buy Box more often. We've built in the repricing flexibility you need to compete against only those competitors who are fighting for the Amazon Buy Box. It's easy to set up the sales strategies that are right for your business and to win the business you want. Multichannel selling requires you to take advantage of a channels key strengths, and with Seller Dynamics you can.

"A breeze to work with."

The benefits of Marketplace Management

  • List with ease across all your favourite marketplaces.
  • Keep your stock in sync, wherever and whenever you sell.
  • Sell in a controlled and managed way across Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and Fnac.
  • From one simple to use interface, manage all your channels.
  • Benefit from increased sales thanks to automatic pricing and repricing.
  • Enjoy the ease with which you can bulk upload all your SKUs.
  • Create product kits, and multi-variant SKUs to increase your average sales value.
  • Create Purchase Orders for your suppliers automatically when stock levels run low.
  • Never let a customer down, thanks to streamlined order processing.
  • User authenticated system access and control.
  • Fullfill from your own-stock, suppliers, 3rd Party or FBA.


Find the MultiChannel Ecommerce Software you have been looking for

Marketplace Ecommerce Software - the 10 steps to successful multichannel selling


1. Your first marketplace and the start of your multichannel selling adventure

So where do multichannel retailers start? The easiest marketplace to get selling on is Amazon. Amazon has an extensive curated catalogue, are your products listed there already? The chances are that your products are already in the catalogue. If not you'll have to add them - so you'll need a barcode to hand in most cases.

If they are in the catalogue then all you need to do is sign up for an Amazon Professional Seller Account and then define how many of the items you have and what price you are selling them at. If saving time is important then use Amazon to get started - it's a huge online store and listing management is relatively simple.

2. Selling advice on your first marketplace

When that first sale comes in don't hang around. Amazon expects it's retailers to act fast and to satisfy orders quickly. For first time marketplace sellers this is where they can fail.

Make sure that to begin with you are in control of the stock - best not to rely on third party, or drop shipping initially. You need to learn how to manage inventory and the Amazon sales process first before branching out to managing stock held by others.

You'll be using the Royal Mail to ship almost all of your items, but you'll also be seeking out a good shipping carrier for larger items or rush deadlines. As those requirements increase you'll begin to be aware of the need for good management tools and good access to couriers.

3. Expanding from your first Amazon marketplace, finding other online marketplaces

Once you have mastered taking orders and fulfilling them on Amazon, you can think about adding in other Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon make this very easy, by giving you the option to sell around Europe through one account. Indeed by default Amazon will enrol you in that scheme when you sign up, unless you opt out.

As a sales channel Amazon is hard to beat. It also offers B2B ecommerce options, thanks to the introduction of Amazon Business. You should take advantage of that option and add it to your multichannel retailing business. Business love buying from Amazon Business, and you should let them buy from you - it will improve your business growth.

4. Adding another marketplace

So once you are fulfilling orders confidently and have mastered your suppliers it's time to add another channel.

This is almost bound to be eBay. eBay has over 20 different marketplaces you can sell on, so it offers a big opportunity for online businesses. This is where it can become complicated, inventory management and stock sync becomes difficult unless you have multichannel management software in place. With a multichannel ecommerce platform you can really begin to improve your online business, it lets you add more and more online marketplaces. All designed for business growth.

5. Extending your stock and product lines

With more and more channels being added, you'll now want to add new lines to your business. And that means finding good suppliers who can supply on time.

Managing multiple product lines can be time consuming, so instead you'll want to take third party stock feeds in automatically, and again you'll need multichannel ecommerce software to manage the daily (sometimes hourly) stock updates. Listing management needs to become more and more automated as your business grows.

And if you bring in more stock, then you will be looking at warehouse management, another benefit of using multichannel ecommerce software.

6. Maximising your margin on every single item

So now you have a large inventory, partly held in house and partly held by suppliers. But how do you keep on top of prices and on top of your margins. Multichannel retailers know how to maximise their margin on every item and they do it with a multichannel ecommerce platform.

For marketplaces such as Amazon, you'll want to automatically price against the competition. And for marketplaces that don't allow auto repricing, you'll still want to adjust your prices automatically every time you get a stock list with prices in from a supplier.

Again you'll be relying on the automatic updates that channel management software brings. And you'll be looking for more and more ecommerce solutions to meet your needs, you're looking for a multichannel ecommerce platform.

7. Increasing your sales on Amazon

The Amazon Buy Box will have been something you have had your eye on for some time. And now with an established reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering on time, you stand a really good chance of winning it.

But for some categories you'll need to be using FBA. So now you have to manage own-stock, third party and FBA held stock.

So again you need an ecommerce business system to help. Your warehouse management software now has to keep an eye on FBA and to manage where stock is being sold from more and more.

8. Adding your own website and shopping cart

Most of your sales will always come from the marketplaces such as Amazon, but you may want to add your own ecommerce websites to establish brand and generate your own sales. A great online store, or two, is an ambition that we see in many online retailers, but again to do that well you will need a system to make your ecommerce shopping cart experience a blast.

You could add multiple ecommerce websites if you choose. To help you build different brands, maybe even a B2B ecommerce website.

Shopify is by far the simplest option in this case. They do charge a commission - but by now you'll be used to it. And the ease of use more than offsets any costs.

Magento is also a very popular ecommerce shopping cart and website platform, it's slightly more complicated, but has a great many ecommerce companies using it and supporting it.

You'll want to manage your ecommerce websites from a single screen - a single point of contact to help you manage your online business, another reason to embrace multichannel selling software.

9. Managing your staff

As you have expanded your online business and ecommerce business, you have been adding staff. You'll want to systemise what your team do and to give them access to the aspects of the online business that they need. Your team need to manage the Royal Mail, Couriers, B2B ecommerce, warehouse, inventory, prices and so much more. They'll be looking for a multichannel retailing platform to let them do that well.

With multichannel ecommerce software you'll be able to give them the access to the parts of your business that they need, which will ensure your ecommerce business grows.

10. Management information to help you stay on top of things

With multiple sales channels, including Amazon and eBay, you'll now be more an ecommerce manager than an operator and that's why you'll need the reports and BMI that channel management software gives you.

Allowing you to expand your online business and grow your multichannel ecommerce business.