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Free eBay final selling fees calculator

The eBay Fee Calculator will ensure you can calculate the final selling fee that eBay charge.

Provided on an "as is" basis; you should always refer to eBay pricing guides before making any final listing decision. To the best of our knowledge pricing was correct at July 2018.


eBay Final Selling Fees and our eBay Final Selling Fee Calculator explained

How to Calculate eBay Fees with our eBay Final Fee calculator - your eBay costs answered with our eBay Fees Calculator


What are eBay Final Selling fees?

When you sell an item on eBay you will be charged a final listing fee. The final listing fee is a percentage of the sales value. This eBay fee calculator does that for you.

The default percentage charged by eBay when you sell an item is 11%, but many of the categories have their own rate.

For instance Toys & Games are charged at 9%, a slight discount on the normal rate due to the competitive nature of the sector.

Some sub categories have their own rates as well: for instance Health & Beauty has a 9% rate; but sub category Hair extensions, are charged 10%.

Our eBay calculator, above, calculates your final selling fees based on the appropriate category rate. You can get full eBay pricing on their website here.

What are eBay Listing fees?

When you first list an item on eBay you will be charged an eBay Listing Fee, this is separate from the eBay Final Selling Fees that we calculate above.

The eBay Listing Fee is calculated based on the eBay shop you have subscribed to and the number of listings you have uploaded to eBay.

Each eBay shop comes with a free quota of listings, if you go above this then these extra listings are charged for. The cost per item goes from 30p to nil, depending on the eBay shop type.

In addition you can also add optional extras to an eBay listing. These options can increase the listing cost dramatically, so you do have to give them some thought.

You can find our eBay Listing Fees Calculator here, it's yet another eBay Fee calculator we provide.

How do I calculate my eBay final selling fees?

If you are using our eBay calculator to do that, then things couldn't be simpler for you.

Step 1: choose the category that the item appears in. This is the main, or parent category.

Step 2: now choose the sub category that you are listing in. We list the categories that have different selling fees from the parent category. Simply select the sub-category your item is in. If none of the sub-categories apply then just ignore Step 2.

Step 3: enter the total price, that's the total price that the customer will be charged. So it's the cost of the item including the postage and the taxes such as VAT.

Ans that's it, simple. Full eBay pricing is shown on the eBay pages.

Is selling on eBay complicated?

It can seem a little daunting when you start selling on eBay - eBay Listing Fees, eBay Selling Fees, PayPal Fees.

If you are unsure then keep doing your research, and when you are ready to go, try selling a few items first to get the hang of things.

eBay wont let you sell too much to begin with until you build a good reputation anayway,

You might find our video podcast on how to sell on ebay useful. It takes you through all the costs in an easy to understand way. You can find our eBay Podcast here.

Does the eBay final selling fee include PayPal fees?

No! PayPal are a separate company from eBay and they will charge you based on the value of your total sales in the month.

PayPal fees vary based on your overall sales in the month, you can see the UK PayPal charges here. In addiiton to the percentage based fee, they also charge 20p per transaction.

We have a PayPal calculator which you can use to see how your monthly PayPal fees will look.

How do I calculate my total fees for selling on eBay?

We have a very powerful eBay calculator for calculating the eBay listing price required to cover all your costs and ensure you make a profit. Our Listing Cost Calculator for Amazon and eBay will help you decide whether or not you can sell an item at a profit.

It requires you to know the cost of the item and the margin you want to apply. By asking that we are able to calculate the eBay listing price required to make sure you make money.