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FREE PayPal Fees Calculator UK

The PayPal Calculator is supplied "as is" and is provided as an unsupported ready reckoner only. Rates and information correct, to the best of our knowledge, at July 2018.


Our PayPal Calculator explained

The simple to use PayPal Fee Calculator UK - your PayPal Charges questions answered


How does your PayPal Calculator work?

Our UK PayPal Calculator calculates Merchant costs based on UK PayPal charges.

It is really simple to use and consists of only three steps, to calculate PayPal charges.

Step 1 requires you to enter the value of your transactions in a month. PayPal charges a percentage in a tiered manner.

Step 2 requires you to enter the total number of transactions carried out in the month. PayPal charge a 20p fee per transaction.

Step 3 requires you to enter the percentage that PayPal will charge you for total sales above £55,000. They do not publish this.

We then calculate the total PayPal fees and break those fees down into the various bands and fixed fee elements that Paypal use.

You can see the full PayPal pricing information here.

PayPal Seller Fees Calculator

The PayPal calculator is for calculating merchant fees, typically retailers selling on eBay. It is primarily a PayPal Merchant Fee Calculator and works out the monthly fees that are payable based on the number of transactions you put through PayPal and the total value of those sales.

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