Streamline stock control across store and marketplaces

Integrate your store sales with your marketplace sales and stay on top of stock control.

Epos Now users can connect there store sales to Seller Dynamics to ensure stock levels are always accurate.

Epos Now connectivity to manage your stock levels

  • Connect your Epos Now stores with Seller Dynamics
  • Manage stock at store, warehouse and central locations
  • Stay on top of your sales and identfy your best sales channels

If you have one or more stores using Epos Now you can connect them all to Seller Dynamics. This allows you to track all your sales from the Seller Dynamics dashboard alongside your marketplace sales.

Equally important is that it allows you to manage your stock levels with ease across all your channels - physical store or online marketplace and website. We regularly check for sales at your stores and update the stock levels accordingly.

Epos Now is a cost effective, robust POS system and very popular among retailers. With the appropriate subscription to Epos Now you can connect to Seller Dynamics. If you are unsure then please get in touch.

Make managing stock simpler than ever regardless of where it is selling. Why not call today on 01786 430076 to find out more?