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provided "as is"; you should always refer to the eBay price guides prior to making any listing decisions. Information correct, to the best of our knowledge, at July 2018.


What eBay Store Should I Open?

That depends on how many listings you are planning to have!

Find out what eBay Store is the right one for you with our eBay listing calculator


How do I decide what eBay Store is the right one?

Enter the number of eBay listings you are planning and find out fast what eBay shop is the right one for your eBay business.

There are four different eBay Store options when you are selling on eBay. Each one has a free allowance of listings, and once you go above that level then you have to start paying for each additional listing.

This first option open to you is to not have a shop at all and if that is the case then you will be charged 30p for each item you list. This is ideal for only the very smallest of retailers.

The next option is a Basic eBay Shop, for £25 a month you will be able to list 250 items. Each item above that is then charged at 10p per item.

Option three is the Featured eBay Shop, and for £69 a month you will be able to list 1500 items. Each item above that is then charged at just 5p per item.

And finally there is the Anchor eBay Shop, for £399 a month you will be able to list as many items as you want (subject to a fair use eBay judgement).

For the number of listings you are planning we show the cost per month for each of the shop options. This lets you quickly see if you would be better to upgrade to a more expensive shop, or not.

The costs calculated are for UK eBay. You can get full eBay pricing on their website here.

What are the eBay Optional Listing fees, should I use them?

The optional extras that eBay provide to sellers allow the seller to enhance their listings. The costs are the same for every shop type, but we show them here in order that you can at least consider adding them to your eBay listings.

Each option is largely self explanatory.

The Subtitle allows you to add a line of text beneath the title, but at £1 is not an inexpensive option.

The Gallery Plus option allows you to add additional images, luckily it is free in certain categories. It's cost ensures that it is only appropriate when you can generate a large margin on the item.

International Visibility will give you improved visibility in the USA and Canada, but if you already have a local eBay shop then you will not need this.

The Scheduler simply allows you to set when you want an item to go live, handy if you need to put a listing under curfew until a cetain release date.

Each optional listing extra has it's own merits, but overall they seem to be rather marginal in value. It's unlikley that you will really need any of them, and if you do we would recommend only to add them to the listings that really do need them.