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Print4u resolve Amazon images with help from Seller Dynamics

At Seller Dynamics, we’ve noticed that the rate of changes coming out of eBay and Amazon over the past 6 months has accelerated. eBay is by far the leader when it comes to the rate of changes that they expect sellers to keep up with, while Amazon are the leaders in introducing new capability.

Seller Dynamics client Print4u, found the same and needed help to resolve a big issue that threatened their business. The response from the team was so good that it resulted in this post on the Amazon Seller Forums - "Finally a marketplace management company that cares".

As sellers will know eBay has been tightening up their listing rules: image guidelines; active content; outbound links; MPN requirements are all areas where eBay sellers have had to review and revise things. While on Amazon they’ve introduced Amazon Business and new territories, as well as continuing to keep a strict eye on listing quality.

Alex Ogilvie at Seller Dynamics said “we could see the pain of our clients with respect to the constant flow of changes and we could equally sense that the community generally was under a bit of stress because of them. As a result we decided to open up our consultancy activities, to help sellers who were experiencing difficulties. It’s been interesting to see where we’ve been able to make an impact – and not always where we thought there was a pain point to be honest. Some of the bigger challenges have involved us resolving suspension issues – never an easy area as it can involve being constructively blunt with the client on where they need to improve things. Though it can often just mean explaining what went wrong in a way that’s easy to understand and what needs to happen to ensure it won’t be repeated.”

As mentioned earlier the consultancy service from Seller Dynamics has attracted fantastic positive feedback, not least from Print4u who went public on the Amazon Forums with a glowing bit of praise. You can read the full thread here, but here is a brief extract:

“Amazon tell me over 50,000 of the images I have painstakingly created over the last 5 years or so are no good!! 2 inches off the edge of the t shirt are missing so regarded as "cropped " Couldn't get my breath and to be honest I lost sleep as to how I, as a small family business could possibly deal with so many supressed listings going into the busy Christmas ...Nightmare, absolute nightmare….

Seller Dynamics to the rescue….”

We're delighted to have sorted a big issue, we diand to have done so quickly.

Further information about the Seller Dynamics consultancy services is available on the site; Amazon product optimisation services are dscribed in detaile here.

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