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PBSE explained

The term PBSE means Product Based Shopping experience. eBay are moving to a catalogue based system to make that experience happen.

The catalogue will ensure that listings are presented in a way that is standardised.

Sellers product listings will reference the main catalogue entry when they list their own item for sale.

Will my own listings be deleted from eBay?

No. You are still required to create your own listings, but if the item is already in the catalogue it will be associated with that entry.

The buyer needs to click on the catalogue item to find all the listings from the various sellers of that item.

Is my product in the eBay catalogue?

PBSE is being rolled out by category and brand. You can check on the eBay pages what categories are impacted and when.

By using our eBay catalogue search tool, we'll do our best to find that information out for you.

If the search returns no results, it could be that it's not in the catalogue, or maybe the search terms are too narrow.

Will your eBay look up tool return all the search results?

If your search terms are too wide or general then we will limit the search results to the first 50 listings returned by eBay.

Try making the search terms tighter to find the category listing you are looking for.

PBSE eBay lookup tool

  • Find your items in the eBay Catalogue
  • Search by keyword and brand
  • Search by barcode and part numbers
  • Find the EPID that eBay are using in the catalogue

What is an EPID?

An EPID is the eBay Product Identifier, it is the catalogue identifier given by eBay to the product's catalogue entry.

How many searches can I perform?

While we test the tool and find out how it is used we have limited the number of searches per day that you can make.

The search count is reset every day.

I'd like to do a bulk search

The tool does searches one at a time.

If you'd like to do more that that please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help.

Can the results be emailed to me?

We will email you the results so that you have them for your records.

We'll also send you the occassional marketing message if the tool changes or if we have something noteworthy to tell you (you can always unsubscribe).

How do I find the EPID?

The EPID - eBay Product Identifier - can be found by using our eBay catalogue lookup tool.

Enter the products Keywords, or it's EAN, or it's MPN into the search boxes of our eBay catalogue lookup tool.

If we can find any matching EPID references for the search terms you enter we'll display them and email you a copy for your records.

What other services do you offer?

Seller Dynamics is a fully featured Marketplace Management system with a 14 day free trial.

We also have a full range of consultancy services to assist with listing and listing optimisation.