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Single Dashboard Analytics

single dashboard analytics
We like simplicity at Seller Dynamics so we keep all the complicated activities hidden away to make your life easier. That's why our Dashboard is clean and easy to use. Nice simple graphs showing you what you’ve got, sold, sent and are waiting for – everything you need to monitor, manage and drive your business on Amazon, eBay, Fnac and all your favourite marketplaces.

Staying on top of your increasing sales is simplified with Seller Dynamics. Use our dashboard reports to check on how your operation is performing. Designed in a manner that encourages “at a glance management” your reports will show you how well orders are being fulfilled and highlight those orders that are causing problems.

  • Sales revenues – how’s your business performing week by week, month by month?
  • Margin performance – are margins up or down?
  • Profitability – what are your best lines?
  • Channel-by-channel performance – which marketplaces are really delivering profits for you?
  • Stock throughput – what sells fastest? Use this to plan your stockholding policy.

With information like that at your fingerprints you’ll be able to intervene to resolve supply issues our dispatch problems. With that sort of capability you’ll be sure to meet the delivery guidelines set by the markets – whether that’s Amazon, Fnac or eBay.

Stay on top of your orders and ensure you don’t suffer from bad feedback from customers or suspension notices from your marketplaces. Don’t suffer from unfair feedback – let Seller Dynamics keep you in control and get the 5 stars you deserve.

Sales Info by Timeframe & Market

Sales levels by timeframe and market

Busiest Line by Value & Qty

busiest line by profit and quantity dashboard report

Margins by Market & Timeframe

margin reporting by market dashboard report

Order Status by Market

Dashboard order performance reporting

Profits and Financials by Item

Dashboard financial and profit performance reporting