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Repricing Software: The best Amazon, eBay and Fnac auto repricer software

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What is Repricer Software?

Repricing software is a feature which enables you to maximise sales while continuing to sell at a profitable level.  Applicable to all multi channel ecommerce clients selling on Amazon, eBay or Fnac, Seller Dynamics will keep a watchful eye over ALL your products. Our repricer software is an inherent part of Seller Dynamics, and automatically reprices an item in relation to marketplace activity on Amazon, eBay and Fnac.

The Repricing software, from Seller Dynamics, is just one of many Dynamic features. Repricing is based around the principles of supply and demand. By using our repricing software as an element of your marketplace management, your items will always sell at a profitable rate based entirely on your rules.  Our repricer gets you selling more and selling more profitably on Amazon, eBay, and Fnac.

Why use Repricing Software?

  • Repricer software is essential for multi channel ecommerce. Set your own customised profit margins for every listing on every marketplace.
  • The repricing software from Seller Dynamics ensures you will always sell at the highest possible price.
  • With powerful options to give you multiple pricing strategies, the Seller Dynamics repricing software wins you business time after time.
  • Our repricing software includes exchange rate conversion for selling internationally to generate sales for you around the globe.
  • And our Amazon repricing software options let you compete on the Buy Box directly.

Amazon repricing software

Seller Dynamics leads the way with Amazon repricing.  Selling to the UK, Europe, and to the rest of the world, you can use Amazon repricing to run your e-commerce operation profitably and with ease. And with numerous repricing features you'll be able to set minimum and maximum price margins by either setting percentages or by entering discrete amounts. Whatever you need to do to win business, Seller Dynamics and the repricing sofware within Seller Dynamics makes your business grow.

eBay repricing

The Seller Dynamics' eBay repricer software system ensures your price will change automatically if it is listed in the eBay catalogue. Simply set up the margins you need to operate at and Seller Dynamics will ensure that  eBay repricing is carried our automatically.

Fnac repricing

Why not get competitive on leading French marketplace fnac? With all the features you need to reprice fast on fnac, Seller Dynamics is the ideal option for selling internationally.

Win the Amazon Buy Box

Your pricing strategy is important to us and we realise that you may only want to compete against the Amazon Buy Box on occasion. No problem.

Using an easy to set up Pricing Profile simply tell the system that this pricing policy is specifically for the Buy Box and that you don’t want to compete with any other players.

How to compete on the Fully Landed Price

You can opt to move your price based on the cost price of the competition or you can move it to beat the price of the competition inclusive of postage and packaging. It’s your strategy and it’s your call – with postage being a big percentage element of some products we know that you need to control that decision for yourself.

With Seller Dynamics you get the repricing software system you need to automate and assist, we don’t get in your way.

Repricing Software keeps Teddy on top

Meet Pablo, our favourite Teddy. But don’t be fooled by the cute cuddly  exterior – inside lurks a steely competitor determined to stay on top of any other identical Pablos on the market.

Seller Dynamics' repricer technology makes sure our Pablo gets what he wants. Last week he was selling for £7.99, cheaper than any of his brothers, keeping him as top dog (sorry, top teddy). 

Then one of them took a dive, to £6.89. Pablo checked his margins (ok, we did that for him), worked out that he could go to £6.85, and that’s what he did for a few days. Soon brother bear had enough and went to play elsewhere, and Pablo decided to nudge up to his £6.99 pre-Valentine’s price point you see here.

Pablo never sells himself short, though – he’ll never be priced lower than the minimum margin or minimum price set by his seller, and he’ll always be priced as high as the competition from his brother bears allows, up to a maximum margin or price set by his seller.

Pricing profiles and repricing

Use our dynamic repricing software to make all your products work as hard as little Pablo does at making you money, every minute of every day. 

Call us to find out how. Because we can’t bear to see our customers lose even a penny of potential profit. Or get signed up with our free 30 day trial.