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Cross Border Trade - CBT

Cross Border Trade, or CBT, is just one of the great features that you can take advantage of when signing up for Seller Dynamics. It ensures you can sell easily, and sell more, around the globe while all the time keeping your stock in order.

Retailers, like you, who start selling on any of the global marketplaces, quickly become aware of the sales opportunity presented by customers in countries outside their own.  For many online retailers the first they realise about the chance to sell overseas is when they receive an order from a distant land and think "well who'd have thought?"

To maximise your CBT sales though, you have to do more than simply list and hope. Driving your Cross Border Trade to generate profitable sales at significant volumes requires some thought. But that's where we come in.

Get started with Cross Border Trade, CBT

To start with you'll want to be seen on the local marketplace site, as opposed to the overseas client finding you on your home site. Then you'll need to ensure that your listings are in the local language. You'll also need to look at the Category to list in and any other additional fields such as Item Specific fields. Then there is price to consider in the local currency - and whether or not you can sell certain items at a premium. And of course you'll want to have a Postage & Packing policy that reflects the distance and any timeliness issues.

All of these CBT challenges are addressed within Seller Dynamics - and that means that you can concentrate on driving your sales and your bottom line regardless of where the sale has come from. Make sure you enjoy all the benefits of Cross Border Trade, without it you'll not enjoy the success you should.

eBay Cross Border Trade - eBay CBT

It's relatively easy to start selling on eBay to countries outside your own. But if you want to excell and take full advantage of eBay CBT then you need to think through what you have to do. Maximising your eBay Cross Border Trade opportunities requires you to list in each of the eBay country sites where you believe you have a market.

To sell well using, eBay Cross Border Trade, you'll need to translate and map your existing eBay listings accurately.  By exporting your existing eBay listings to Seller Dynamics you'll quickly be in a position to do just that. All the Titles, Descriptions, Images, Categories and Item Specific information is easily pulled out, allowing you to create the foreign or local language listings you need. Mapping Item Specific data can be difficult, but because Seller Dynamics shows you what the equivalent fields are, even this disappears as an issue.

Maximising eBay CBT, eBay Cross Border Trade

Maximising your eBay CBT, also means you have to watch your stock levels, but our Unified Stock Management deals with that. Regardless of the number of local language listings you create to meet your eBay Cross Border Trade ambitions, they can all be tied back to a single SKU. So regardless of where an item is sold your stock levels will always be accurate.

Amazon Cross Border Trade - Amazon CBT

Amazon Cross Border Trade is very simple. With Amazon being catalogue based the listings are already there for you in the local language. The only exception to this is where your goods are fairly unique. In those cases you'll obviously have to update the catalogue through the normal Amazon channels.

Painless Amazon CBT, Amazon Cross Border Trade

Establishing yourself with Amazon in the various countries is relatively painless. Japan requires a local bank account - but that's as complicated as Amazon CBT gets.

You'll need to convert your prices and adjust any delivery times, but doing that within Seller Dynamics is straightforward. And because of the Unified Stock Management you'll always be on top of stock movements wherever you sell.


As your CBT business expands you'll want to consider any Tax implications. Not least of these will be your VAT obligations if you are an EU based business. There are a few rules you need to be aware of, and you need to ensure you don't accidently fall foul of them. We've outlined what they are - and how you can resolve them on our Managing EU VAT across multiple marketplaces page.

eBay CBT made simple

CBT tips, Cross Border Trade tips

Depending on the marketplace, you need to consider at least some of the 10 CBT tips below.

1. List on each of the local sites directly.
2. At least translate the Title.
3. Best to translate the Description as well.
4. Don't forget any keywords.
5.  Make sure you check the Category is still valid.
6. Where they exist, item specific fields need closely checked and mapped.
7. Convert your price to the local currency.
8. Adjust your postage/shipping costs.
9. Ensure you state clearly the likely delivery times.
10. Make sure your stock is managed in a unified manner.

Happy selling.